On this page you will find training programmes which you can purchase and download to take away with you for your training. You will receive them via email in PDF format once your payment has been made and authorised.


Without a plan, you have no direction and can find yourself walking into the gym or exercising at home not knowing what to do or where to start. This can deter you from wanting to train at all and can kill your motivation to continue. With a progressive training plan, you can see exactly where need to start and how to make progress.

Grow Your Arms

This programme includes a variety of exercises necessary to enhance guaranteed growth within your arms over 8 weeks.

Bodybuilding From Home

Contains 2 body weight programmes which can be completed at home, only needing 30 minutes per day and a space to work within.

4 Week Resistance Training

4 sessions per week, targeting each body part in a 4-day split and also includes abdominal workouts to fit around your training as necessary.

Online coaching

I will create a training programme specifically designed with your best interests in mind. Whether it is muscle gain, fat loss, competition or general lifestyle improvement goals I am qualified, experienced and enthusiastic to provide you with the information and motivation you need to become a better you. The best of you.

Online Coaching Prices

8 Week Training Plan – 19.99

12 Week Training Plan – 24.99

7 Day Nutritional Plan – 19.99

12 Week Training & 7 Day Nutritional Plan – 39.99


Would highly recommend, whether you are first starting or looking to ramp things up from your usual training” – Alan

Thomas makes training enjoyable and rewarding. He is a great guy to work with especially if you want serious results” – George P.

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