Chest Workout At Home – No Weights Required

My last post covered exercises for fat burning but how the f do you build muscle without any weight?

Well you can do it.

It might even be MORE effective depending on how hard you work.

Struggling for motivation to train at home?

Interested? Read on.

Correct form is vital

Just going to start by saying I’ve never wanted to train bodyweight and always wanted to throw weights around in the gym.

BUT. The gyms are closed if you didn’t know.

If you didn’t know then you may as well stop reading and go make a sandwich or watch the news.

But during the last few weeks I’ve designed some routines to do, which gave me a great pump and made me feel super energised!

The workout:

  • Wide Grip Push Ups
  • Incline Push Ups
  • Decline Push Ups
  • Close Grip Push Ups

Maximum repetitions on each exercise.

Run it through like a circuit, so 1 set of each working down.

You can start again and complete as many sets as possible before you can push no more!

Rest for between 1-2 minutes in-between each exercise and also use this principle when you have completed the full set.

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How to complete each exercise with correct form:

Wide grip – Normal push up with feet together, back straight and hands wider than shoulder width apart.

Incline push ups – Get your feet up on the sofa or the bed and do normal push ups from there. Easiest way to remember is feet are above your head.

Decline push ups – Reversed principle from Incline, where your hands are now placed on the sofa/bed/chair and your feet remain on the floor.

Close grip push ups – Same position as standard push up but bring your hands in slightly so they lie directly underneath your shoulder. You’ll feel that in your inner chest and triceps. Also known as diamond push ups.

I chose these 4 exercises because each exercise isolates a different part of the upper body more than others, whilst still working the chest, triceps and shoulders as a whole functioning unit.

Some more alternative, advanced push up exercise could include:

  • Explosive Push Ups
  • Isolated Push ups
  • Isometric Push Ups

>> You can find more downloadable body weight programmes on my website.

This post was written during Lock down – April 2020