11 Best Tips To Deal With Anxiety (Not Mainstream)

Anxiety. The modern day term for worrying too much about the future.

They tell you to speak about your problems, take medication and to ‘just stop worrying’.

But you don’t want to hear that. You need a long term plan that you can put in place and try to live your life as best as you possibly can.

I’ve written 11 tips that isn’t portrayed in the media or spoke about enough, so that you can get your mind on track and live your life in a calmer mindset.

Quit Caffeine

Caffeine is literally the gateway to anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety at a high level to which it completely effects your life, then you need to stop drinking caffeine right now.

‘But it gives me a boost’ Go to bed earlier, sort your schedule out or drink some water. You do not need caffeine ESPECIALLY if you suffer from anxiety.

Caffeine should be a useful tool in the armoury, but any addiction and reliance needs attention. Without it, you become reliant on a stimulant. And if you don’t get it? Panic sets in.

Going cold turkey is not the only option. Wean yourself off in moderation, stick to a plan.

Interested in Caffeine Free Benefits?

Quit Nicotine

Nicotine is similar to caffeine in a sense that it’s a stimulant that effects your dopamine receptors and you crave that hit. Nicotine actually can increase your energy with its powerful nature.

Become reliant on it though and guess what – Anxiety. You can’t live your life without relying on nicotine to get you through a day? Does that sound like a peaceful life to you?

Nicotine effects the brain in a much similar way that caffeine does, where it becomes relied upon to function.

Having difficulty forming new habits?

Listen To Upbeat Music

Music is a gift and can wildly effect our subconscious brains. It is quite simple to recognise this by looking at what music you were listening to at a certain part of your life and realising how closely linked that was to how you were feeling back then.

I used to love rap music and found it more relatable than other music growing up but I was always angry and getting myself into trouble.

Now I listen to positive music, rarely even with lyrics because modern day radio music just portrays a load of shit lyrics to appeal to the masses.

Something which either gives me focus or gives me a good feeling to enjoy my life more.

Avoid Bad Energy

This doesn’t mean avoiding graveyards and haunted houses. This means avoiding negative people who are out to fuck up your day and life.

Your boss is a prick?

Just try to avoid them as much as possible. Don’t hide from them but just let them be and do your thing.

Sometimes the wolves can be hiding in sheep’s clothing so be aware of those close to you too, as they could well be the ones dragging you down.

Try and be aware of how each person makes you feel after you’ve been with them.

Do you feel energised or miserable?


I started this blog through my joy of writing to try and realise more about myself from journalling. Since I started I noticed the thoughts in my head became clearer when written down in front of me.

Spend 10 minutes a night even if a copious of times a week considering your feelings about the day and giving a fair honest assessment of it.

You can also note how you felt in certain situations and why you may have felt that way etc and really figure out why it is you feel the way you do.

Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium supplements come in different forms but can be used to aid sleep particularly well. This calming property of magnesium can also be used to assist with reducing anxiety if taken in the morning.

Studies are underway that recognise individuals who have a magnesium deficiency are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety disorders.

Find out more: The Role And Effect of Magnesium In Mental Disorders: A Systematic Review

Exercise Everyday

Exercising everyday does not necessarily mean that you push your body to it’s absolute limit in the gym for hours on end. Although this type of training is extremely beneficial and useful in becoming a stronger version of yourself, it is not a requirement for you to do so to relieve the effects of anxiety.

Exercising everyday can mean 30 minutes of movement each day which raises your heart rate. As a bare minimum you should be looking to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise you can undertake and is completely undervalued in modern society.

READ MORE: Benefits Of Walking

Cut Down On Your Use Of Social Media

If you spend more than 1 hour of your day scrolling through social media then I would bet my money that you suffer with some form of anxiety. Social media is a great weapon and excellent tool to use, but scrolling endlessly through your phone looking at what everyone else is doing and removing your focus from internal to external will subconsciously make your brain draw comparisons.

Looking at social media and everybody living their fake lives full of joy and happiness makes you wonder why your life is so unfulfilled. The truth is, it is not. You use social media as a quick source of dopamine to make you feel better, like a drug addict.

You are different though? You do not have an addiction? I challenge you to not use social media for 30 days and see.

I am not suggesting removing social media from your life as it can be an excellent communication tool, particularly during restrictions of Covid-19. But spend a minimal time on there, set a time of day and a length of time to scroll if you need too.

Make More Money

This might hurt some of you. Money is not important etc etc. Money will give you confidence in the world around you. Get enough and you can achieve freedom, which solves most of your anxiety inducing problems. List all of your problems. Which one of those problems will enough money not solve?

We are living in age where working for the man does not need to be the only way. The internet is here. Cryptocurrency investment is here. You are still here. It has never been easier to make money online. But, it is still hard and you will need to put the effort in.

Money is not everything and if you remove the need for materialism and buying stuff to impress people, but if you can aim to just make enough to achieve your freedom from the 9-5 and live life on your terms without answering to your boss your anxiety fears may well just fade.

Stop Eating Processed Foods

Processed foods are full of so many ingredients that completely ruin your gut and your brain. Processed foods can come in many different shapes and sizes and just because the box comes in fancy packaging with words like ‘Health’, ‘No Added Sugar’, this is a marketing trap to appeal to the masses and actually does not mean anything.

Everyone likes to treat themselves, but if your whole diet is based around processed foods is it any wonder you feel like shit?

Aim for the vast majority of your diet to come from natural foods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy and meats with less than 10% of your diet coming from anything processed. This might go against what you have been told by the media but stop and think how much of the Western population is overweight and tell me if those guidelines are working.

Your gut health and mental health are very closely connected. Treat your gut right and you will see the benefits in your mind too.

How To Stop Worrying – Dale Carnegie

Recommended reading. A book which covers anxiety on a whole different spectrum and looks deep into the mindset of worrying and anxiety. The book improves your awareness of your own anxiety and also gives you tips on how to positively change your thinking patterns.

You may or may not be into believing in educating yourself and believe that you can work it out for yourself which is absolutely fine. This particular books is extremely eye opening into why we worry and what negative effects anxiety has on our bodies and lives and how best to overcome them.

There are of course many different ways to cure yourself from anxiety, but if your problems are severe then speaking to a health professional is something you should do alongside all of these tips. Choosing one of these tips to start with and documenting any differences you may notice within oneself is a sure fire way to see progression taking place.

Do you have any other ways to deal with anxiety?

Looking for ways to boost your confidence?

Leave a comment below and let’s discuss this further.

Published by Thomas Jackson Smith

Personal Trainer. Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Exercise Referral specialist, Football coach and entrepreneur. Interested in health and fitness, exercise prescription, football, nutrition, injury prevention, recovery and mindset improvement. Any views are my own and from my own experience. Looking to build links within the blog community, replying to feedback and offering support so we can learn and grow together!

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