How To Get Back Into A Sleeping Routine: Benefits, Tips And More

The Covid-19 travesty and having to go into a third lockdown has been particularly challenging for sleeping routines.

But when you consider the lack of sunlight and activities we are able to undertake it is no surprise.

Late nights are often followed by late mornings, breeding a lack of motivation to undertake quality work, exercise and complete and home schooling.

A lack of routine leads to poor decision making, amongst the psychological difficulty of being able to adapt to the new un-structured way of life.

Laboratory studies showed that sleep quantity is positively related to self-control resources and negative associated with unethical behavior

Christopher M.Barnes

As human beings, we naturally prefer routines and perform much better in all aspects of life when we have them.

How much sleep do you need?

The first thing that usually suffers, is our ability to sleep at the right hours of the night.

Lack of routine quickly leads to energy that isn’t being expended and a lack of activity leads to over-active brains, when it should be actually time to switch off.

How To Get Back Into A Routine

Start by making a commitment to waking up at the same time everyday, including weekends if you can!

Try to make this no later than 9am.

Anytime after that and you are already into mid-morning before you have eaten, showered or eaten breakfast.

If you are currently up until 2/3 or even 4am then the first day might be rough, but you will soon be ecstatic about going to sleep the following evening nice and early.

Missing out on those ‘golden’ hours in the morning, can take away your motivation to do anything productive or energy expending during the day.

Home workouts

This potentially leaves you wide-eyed and overthinking in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping.

A routine before bed time is just as important as the time you go to bed:

Reading a book, turning off the TV, dimming the lights and putting your phone down are crucial.

If you simply can not put your phone down in bed, then turning on the blue light filter in your settings can help your eyes adjust to the light coming from your phone.

If you are an iPhone user:

Simply go to Settings > Display And Brightness > Night Shift

Then schedule what hours you will be in bed from, to avoid sleep interruption.

Want to know more about how blue light effects melatonin and sleep?

Some more useful tips that might effect your sleeping routine with regards to nutrition are:

• Avoid drinking alcohol

• Avoid drinking caffeine anytime after 1pm

• Avoid drinking too much water a few hours before you go to bed

• Avoid any large meals at least a few hours before you go to bed

All of these habits can play their part in the disruption of proper sleep.

There are also certain supplements available which taken before bed promote restfulness. Read more

Better sleep unlocks the door to enduring the monotonous days of lockdown, much more productively whilst making the days much more fulfilling.

It is much easier to relax in the evening, once you know you have given the day your everything.

A sense of normality is on the horizon and soon we will all be back to doing the activities we love doing the most.

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Published by Thomas Jackson Smith

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