10 Simple Fat Loss Tips

Losing fat is not easy for most people, unless you are genetically predisposed to have a slimmer frame.

Do not underestimate the reality of genetics.

It is actually the most accurate form of figuring out someone’s capability to gain muscle/lose weight.

But with hard work and correct training protocols, it’s possible to reach any realistic goal you desire.

Tip 1: Lower calorie intake

Do not worry about what foods you consume, just cut out 500 calories each day for a month.

This equates to 3500 calories per week.

3500 calories equals 1lb of fat.

4 weeks = 4lb of fat loss.

Tip 2: Cut Out Fizzy Drinks

Even no calorie ones.

They are full of other additives that will make you hungry and give you energy spikes that are hard to manage, which can lead to stress and eating more.

Alternatively, sparkling water mixed with some diluted juice can quench your need for ‘fizz’ and is becoming a much more popular choice.

Tip 3: Walk More

Literally walking for 20-30 minutes a day will benefit you in ways you underestimate. Walking almost seems too easy and I think this is why it is often frowned upon compared to complicated workouts.

Believe the hype, walking can make so much difference to your waist line.

Tip 4: Get Busier

It is all well and good trying to refraining from eating.

But if you do not keep your brain pre-occupied with other things then you are constantly going to be thinking about food.

It does not necessarily need to be productive, but it does need to distract you.

Over time, those hunger pangs will disappear and you will form new habits.

Tip 5: Keep The Shit Food Out The Draws

Seems so simple, but if you do not buy it then you can’t eat it.

Never go food shopping when you are hungry.

You will form a habit of not buying it and will no longer have the same cravings you usually have.

Tip 6: Drink More Tea

Tea helps with your metabolism and various other health benefits which all aid your fat loss.

It can also quench your hunger pangs for a while, if you are struggling to stay off snacks and waiting for your next meal.

Also.. Do not put flipping sugar in it.

If you need the sweetness, purchase some sweeteners and drop one in your tea.

Tip 7: Increase Protein Intake

Protein is the most satiating type of macronutrient, meaning it will leave you fuller for longer.

If you can focus consuming 150g of protein a day as a target then you will find yourself feeling much more satisfied and not wanting to put more food into your mouth.

Read more about benefits of a high protein diet.

Tip 8: Sleep

Are you sleeping 8 hours a night?

I get it, it’s not always easy and I don’t always manage to either but this should be the aim.

If you sleep well, you will be much more able to deal with cravings and such and mentally much stronger.

There are lots of ways to get better sleep.

Fatigue makes a coward out of all of us.

Tip 9: Lift Weights

If you are not doing any form of resistance training then you are doing your body a disservice.

There are so many benefits that I could list, and nobody is asking you to become a bodybuilder.

But the benefits are well documented.

Cardio burns fat whilst you are training, resistance training burns fat whilst you are resting.

More muscle = more fat burning at rest.

Tip 10: Remember Why You Started

Perhaps the most important and why I’ve saved it for last.

You need to have a goal in sight and everyone wants to lose fat for a reason.

Whether that’s confidence, to look good and make someone jealous or just for general health.

The reason can be as selfish as you want it to be as long as it keeps you motivated and on track. No excuses.

For more information, posts, training programmes and training tips visit my website tjhealthandfitness.com

Published by Thomas Jackson Smith

Personal Trainer. Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Exercise Referral specialist, Football coach and entrepreneur. Interested in health and fitness, exercise prescription, football, nutrition, injury prevention, recovery and mindset improvement. Any views are my own and from my own experience. Looking to build links within the blog community, replying to feedback and offering support so we can learn and grow together!

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