Benefit Of A High Protein Diet: Muscle Gain, Fat Loss & More

Protein forms the building blocks for recovery and damaging repaired muscles.

It is usually associated with gaining muscle.

BUT, it should also be associated with losing weight and burning body fat!

A high protein diet of around 150-170g of protein a day will leave you feeling full due to the satiating effects of protein.

Therefore, you won’t feel anywhere near as hungry if each meal you consume has 20-30g or protein, which means you don’t need to eat as much and BOSH guess what that means?

You lose weight motherfucker.

All the other macronutrients will fall into place if you just aim for 150-170g of protein a day and you aren’t a dick about it. Be smart.

A typical day based around protein sources could include:

  • Protein weetabix with semi skimmed milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Eggs (At least 2)
  • Chicken breast
  • Protein shake
  • Protein bar

Plus all of your fruits, carbs and veggies all alongside.

Of course if you are training as well (which you should be in some capacity) then the high protein diet will give you all the benefits of recovery, repair and rebuilding the muscles.

Use this list and save this picture for a whole host of protein sources available for you to consume, to keep your diet interesting:

Don’t make dieting hard and just eat leaves all day. Start consuming more protein now.

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Published by Thomas Jackson Smith

Personal Trainer. Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Exercise Referral specialist, Football coach and entrepreneur. Interested in health and fitness, exercise prescription, football, nutrition, injury prevention, recovery and mindset improvement. Any views are my own and from my own experience. Looking to build links within the blog community, replying to feedback and offering support so we can learn and grow together!

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